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Degrees and Research Options

Explore a wide variety of degree, non-degree and research options Peace University offers.

Research & Academic Disciplines

Rsearch Areas, Concentrations and Majors.

Research & Development

Conduct research and development in multifarious areas.

Course Catalog

Peace University Online Course Catalog.

Academic Support

Instructional methods, educational services & school resources.


Resources to enable hands on learning and flexible study.

What Sets Peace University Apart

The mission of Peace University includes: To promote academic excellence by offering quality programs in Peace, Ethics, Conflict Resolution, Tolerance, Anger Management, Youth Engagement, Women Empowerment, Capacity Building and other relevant areas.

To conduct conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and other activities in sync with our goals and objectives. Peace University is an equal opportunity institution to serve regardless of ethnicity, creed, faith, race, color, age, sex, origin, familial status or physical conditions. To make alliances, partnerships, collaborations and team up globally with like minded institutions who share the same mission and vision. The philosophy behind such offerings is to prepare citizens to deal with the challenges with a balanced, healthy mind by promoting, peace, harmony, mutual coexistence, spiritual and in turn holistic healing.

Peace University Programs are unique and non-traditional in nature based on a breakthrough flexible structure that allows greater freedom of choice to our students and increased propensity to learn.

Although individualized Degree Programs at Peace University are distinct from traditional educational institutions, we are convinced of their value and acceptance worldwide. Non-traditional programs are important because they recognize knowledge gained outside the classroom and incorporate a broader more comprehensive view of the learning experience. It is precisely this recognition and view that challenges the established Academic Community. We invite you to compare our programs and philosophy with traditional classroom-based programs to determine which is best suited to your needs and budget. Read More

Need More Information About Peace?

If you’re thinking about how to advance your educational career without the obstacles of time, space or disabilities, then Peace University can help. Request more information today.